Student Account Fundraisers

There are several opportunities throughout the year to raise money for your individual student’s account to help defray the cost of band fees, uniform gear costs, trip fees, and more.

  1. Legends Fundraising – You can sign up to work summer and fall concerts at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Tinley Park through the Legends fundraising program. Monies raised through this program can contribute funds to your student’s account. For more information, please contact a board member.
  2. RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip) – Through RaiseRight, you can buy electronic (or plastic) gift cards for things you already buy all year long (gas, groceries, clothes, gifts, etc.) and raise money for your student’s account each time you do!
    ___ Here is how to get started: click here
    ___ Here are details about the gift card program: click here
    ___ Here is a listing of participating retailers: click here

    For more information, you may reach out to our volunteer parent coordinator Patti Thorber at 708-227-4693. Any questions about your student account can be directed to our BPA treasurer David Rupert. You can email him at
  3. Gourmet’s Delight Cheesecake Fundraiser – In the fall, when we have a parent volunteer to coordinate this program, we offer a cheesecake fundraiser that allows students to sell famous cheesecakes to neighbors, friends, and family to buy for the upcoming fall and winter holidays.

    The 2023 Gourmet Delight Cheesecake Program will run from October 12 to October 26. For the Program flyer click here.

    Gourmet Delight Classic 9” Cheesecakes come in 14 different delicious flavors. Order forms will be handed out to students during their Wednesday night rehearsal.

    If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact Renee Foy by email or text message. ( 708.705.4557) If you have any questions about your student account balance, please contact David Rupert by email or text message. ( 708.913.3200).

    Click here to view details about the 2023 fundraiser

  4. Great Western Reserve f.k.a. Boon SupplyBoon Supply (Reusable Bags) has merged with Great Western Reserve to provide a Fundraising option with much broader product selections and categories than in previous year. Starting and running a fundraiser is easy, and their sales and customer support team is always here to help.

    2023 Fall Boone Supply Individual Student Acct Fundraiser Oct 17 – Nov 7
    Products include:

    High-quality reusable bags of varying sizes and designs.
    –Quality Special Occasion Gift Wrap & Accessories in for various
    –Kitchen Gadgets
    –Home décor
    –Chocolates & Candies
    –Sausage & Cheese
    –And more

    What is different this year is every participant will need to REGISTER first to create your student’s unique fundraising page & Dashboard.  From there you can copy the link to send your personal seller’s page to friends & family via email or social media. This is an individual fundraiser.  When friends and family make purchases via your student’s fundraising page, 40% OF SALES WILL GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR STUDENT’S BAND CHARMS ACCOUNT.  

    Scan the QR code or visit Under REGISTER, enter Campaign Code: 12909, Next, click “return” & follow prompts to receive your Seller ID, set up your Seller dashboard and complete your registration. If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact Patti Thornber by email or text message. ( 708-227-4693).
  5. Cookie Dough – You can participate in the Cookie Dough Fundraiser to earn cash for your student account to pay for upcoming band trip fees and more. Easy set-up to get selling. Sign up for the fundraising app and advertise this cookie dough sale through social media. Post your fundraiser on social media by sending text message to your contacts using an app.
    This cookie dough comes pre-portioned and ready-to-bake—there’s no need to thaw an entire box of cookie dough. Each batch can be made in less than 15 minutes. These cookies taste as good as homemade. The volunteer parent, Renee Foy, is the coordinator for this program. You can email if you have any questions. Any questions about your student account can be directed to our BPA treasurer David Rupert. You can email him at

Please contact an LHS-BPA Board Member if you want to learn more about these Student Account Fundraisers.